Financial Counseling

The financial worry of a medical bill is a real concern for many of us and, not surprisingly, often causes a great deal of anxiety. University Health (services provided by Truman Medical Centers) provides the best quality care to everyone, regardless of one's financial situation. University Health accepts most health insurance plans (e.g. Medicaid and Medicare). To find out if University Health accepts your health insurance please see below. For those who do not have healthcare coverage, our Financial Counseling Center will assist you with determining potential eligibility for commercial medical insurance through the Missouri Health Insurance Exchange or coverage assistance programs such as Medicare, MO HealthNet (Medicaid), Crime Victims Compensation Fund and/or the TMC Discount*. TMC Discount (discounted medical services) eligibility is based on residency, income and family size. Applicants must be Kansas City and/or Jackson County, Mo. residents and their income must be below 200 percent (100 percent and below after December 31, 2015) of federal poverty level guidelines. In order to provide you with good customer service and accurately assist with your eligibility, you will be required to bring several documents/forms with you so that Financial Counseling Center representatives can best serve your needs. To see a list of the items required, please click: Required Documentation for Financial Counseling Hours: University Health (No Appointment Necessary) 2101 Charlotte Street Kansas City, Mo 64108 Monday-Friday 7 am - 4:30 pm

Request to have an application mailed to you by calling (816) 404-3040. Download an application through the Truman Medical Centers website: 

Understanding the Costs

Truman Medical Center (TMC) is interested in helping you understand the costs associated with your health care. TMC is listing the charge price (CDM) for the procedures and services we perform. The charges contained in TMC’s CDM are the same for all patients. However, the charges in the CDM do not reflect TMC’s actual reimbursement from patients or insurance companies. TMC’s actual reimbursement is influenced by a variety of internal and external factors, including negotiated health plan rates, fixed government rates, individually negotiated package pricing, fixed fund distributions for indigent care populations, prompt payment discounts and self-pay patients. Other factors affecting reimbursement could include whether a procedure was performed on an inpatient or outpatient basis, physician orders, comorbidities and complications, medical necessity and specialty services and procedures. If you are comparing TMC’s CDM to the CDMs of other hospitals, it is important to note that descriptions and charges contained in the CDMs may vary from hospital to hospital. Among the reasons for this variance, are that different hospitals may include different goods, supplies or procedures under a similarly named description. Items or services that are special ordered by a physician are typically not included in room or procedure charges. Most treatments or services provided by ancillary department staff, such as respiratory therapy, laboratory, rehabilitation, pharmacy, etc., are separate distinct services that we are required to bill separately. TMC does not employ many of the physicians that may provide services within TMC. Charges for most physician services are not included in the CDM.

Understanding Costs (Excel Spreadsheet)

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